"We teach children how to measure and how to weigh. We fail to teach them how to revere, how to sense wonder and awe." – Harold S. Kushner

⭐️ The Intentional Awe Course


“Wow!” A single word escapes your speechless lips. You stand on the cliff’s edge overlooking the vast valley. You feel your problems shrinking, leaving headspace to regain perspective on life. A flame reignites in your soul.

That state of mind is awe. A state of mind scientifically proven to boost your mood, shake depression and increase life satisfaction.


Awe overcomes you when magnificence unexpectedly slaps you in the face. Something beyond your control. But through intentional practice you can tap into awe in your everyday life.

Transform a commute into a magical adventure. Upgrade last night’s leftovers to a plate filled with wonder. Elevate a routine supermarket visit into an exotic bazaar.

The Intentional Awe Course is a 4-week course designed to cultivate the skills to live a life full of awe and wonder.

<aside> 📌 What is awe? Awe is the feeling when you witness something much larger than yourself (either physically or conceptually) that you struggle to understand.


⭐️ Who you could become

Here’s who you could become:

✅ Deeply mindful

✅ Highly connected to other people and planet

✅ Heightened sense of beauty

✅ Regain perspective on what’s important